When refrigeration is innovation

Green technologies and customer care: the cornerstones of Crea and its dedicated team

Igino Bresolin’s passion for refrigeration dates back to the 1960s, well before he founded Crea, which specialises in the production and installation of refrigeration systems with natural CO2 refrigerant. “When I founded the company at the beginning of the 1980s, I already had over twenty years’ experience in the sector.

I came to Milan when I was just sixteen years old, started living with the Jesuits and attended night school for electrical engineering, working as a maintenance technician. Life’s circumstances then pushed me to work for over 20 years for a well-known large-scale distribution brand, eventually setting up on my own, but continuing to collaborate with the same brand to which we still offer turnkey systems and after-sales service”.

Crea Spa is a company of the Crea Srl Group, which includes four other companies from different sectors: real estate, energy, R&D. It employs about 50 internal staff plus about 120 staff from external companies that have been partners for decades. Nowadays Crea produces systems that follow high standards in the design, production and management of the entire refrigeration system, strictly in respect of the environment.

“We have never cut corners when it comes to investing in energy-saving technologies. In our case, the main ingredient is carbon dioxide: by applying CO2 in refrigeration systems, we reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which are the cause of climate change. In addition, CO2 systems in various applications have much more effi cient potential than current systems using synthetic refrigerants”.

The founder’s sons, Franco and Claudio, have consolidated Crea’s growth over the years, while the third generation of grandsons Luca and Samuel are already active in the company. “In the last decade we have tried to diversify our clientele: in addition to large-scale distribution, we have also focused on other customer sectors. We have also entered into partnerships with various companies to implement our sustainable orientation, developing systems for the recovery and management of thermal energy.

Also in the future, customers will always be at the centre of our business and we will continue to serve them with foresight, dedication and promptness”, the owners conclude.

PLATINUM - Marzo 2021