Innovative technologies

Technologies that CREA is able to provide its customers, with customized solutions, are the following:

  • Transcritical refrigeration systems for LT, MT and HT utilities management
  • Refrigeration systems combined with air conditioning (HVAC&R)
  • Integrated heat pumps and heat recovery systems
  • Cooling systems with ejectors
  • Refrigeration systems with the use of adsorbers, suitable for harsh climatic conditions
  • Refrigeration systems with pumped receivers
  • CO2 transcritical integrated systems combined with refrigerant circuits with natural refrigerants (ex. R290)
  • Use of special technologies as plate heat exchangers in natural convection
  • Remote management of refrigeration systems

These innovative technologies have already been applied in various plants that we have already produced, both abroad and for different brands in the refrigeration market, and we want to go ahead with this way of designing and producing CO2 systems, offering the best customized solutions for the world market.

Customization of refrigeration system

Each refrigeration system produced by CREA is customizedand designed based on the specific needs of the customer, granting the functionality of the refrigeration machines to the cold distribution system.

The solutions that are applied in the customization of the plants, allow to match the real needs of the customers with a highly efficient and reliable product.

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Produce, install and provide assistance on refrigeration systems with natural CO2 refrigerant.